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New Yorkers Don’t Care About Cigarette Taxes

A few weeks ago, I posted about rising cigarette costs in New York. I asked people to weigh in with their thoughts, helpfully streamlined down to clicking a choice bubble. After giving nearly a month to respond, it’s time to view the results and problems with the system. Continue reading

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Eat Local: Park Slope’s Community Market

Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood hosts a Community Market every Sunday on 5th Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets. Here, workers staff vendor booths, selling everything from pickles to baked goods. All of the food is made locally, if not in … Continue reading

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Cut bus lines mean trouble for passengers

Bus lines are getting cut all over the city to save money, and the Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods are no exception. On a previous visit, an area resident mentioned that the B71, B75 and B77 had been cut. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: great businessman, future president?

The Onion can be eerily prescient at times, but this was the Huffington Post. And this article was not in the Comedy section. Donald Trump is seriously considering running for president in 2012. Like, for real. Here’s hoping another NYC … Continue reading

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Disappearing subway workers worry New York City commuters

Agent by agent, booth by booth, New York City subway stations are getting a little more deserted. Sabrina Greenwood agrees. Greenwood worked as an M.T.A. station agent until she was laid off on Aug. 13, 2010. Now, commuters are worried … Continue reading

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Mother of four clings to hope despite her newfound unemployment

As the recession continued, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority steadily chopped away at signs of hope for Bronx mother Sabrina Greenwood. The mother of four had been working as a station agent, promoted to a supervisor and then demoted back to … Continue reading

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WISTERIA, Strangler of Trees

Dealing with unwanted plants in your garden can be a nuisance but imagine a plant life that actually strangles trees to death. Wisteria, one of a number of invasive species in Central Park, has a particular trait of wrapping itself … Continue reading

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Bed bug outbreak continues while life cycle controls other pests

Remember growing up when Bill Nye the Science Guy convinced you that every little thing about science and the life cycle was amazing? What a load of crap. If this “life cycle” phenomena were so amazing, how come New York … Continue reading

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