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Wearable Collections Helps New Yorkers Recycle

Adam Baruchowitz is the CEO of an innovative New York company called Wearable Collections, which aims to make recycling clothing “as easy as recycling bottles, cans or newspapers.” Baruchowitz started the company with an idea on how to eliminate waste, … Continue reading

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Cell Reception in New York City – AT&T Users Suffer, All Others Hear Clear

My frustration with AT&T’s cell reception spawned a survey and a short audio segment in an attempt to discover if there are others just as frustrated as I am, and which providers offer the best service in the city. Thirty … Continue reading

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Trash in Times Square

A ton of tourists means even more tons of trash, which sanitation workers clean multiple times a day.

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Beware of the closing doors: Which NYC subway ads bother you the most?

Given the uproar surrounding the latest round of MTA fare increases, it’s reasonable that New York City trains, buses and subways be used as advertising space to generate revenue. In general, staring at a print advertisement for a few minutes … Continue reading

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C subway line: the worst in New York City?

It’s one of the hottest spots in New York City. Temperatures soar and sweat runs down your back. Spots to sit are sparse, and after a long day, your knees ache from the wait itself. Meanwhile, the smell of stale … Continue reading

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Cell Phones on NYC Subways: Advancing Mankind or Advancing Annoyance?

Transit Wireless, the networking company contracted by the MTA,  secured deals last week with AT&T and T-Mobile, and started laying the groundwork for cell phone service on NYC subways.  Within 2 years, networking will be available on 6 testing sites … Continue reading

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Disappearing subway workers worry New York City commuters

Agent by agent, booth by booth, New York City subway stations are getting a little more deserted. Sabrina Greenwood agrees. Greenwood worked as an M.T.A. station agent until she was laid off on Aug. 13, 2010. Now, commuters are worried … Continue reading

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New York City’s Top Three Political Pests

When I moved to New York from South Carolina, I proudly announced via Twitter to my newfound home that I wouldn’t have to deal with the outrageous escapades of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford anymore. Sure enough, I immediately got the … Continue reading

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Let’s Expand the Definition

One definition Merriam-Webster.com has for pest is “an epidemic disease associated with high mortality.” But a connection to death shouldn’t be a requirement for something to count as a pest. That is unless killing off a few minutes (or seconds) … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Pest: Bookstore Lurkers

Instead of boosting the bookstore and magazine shop economy, a group of companies for which I may someday work, I, along with numerous others in New York, am what many shop owners and managers call a “lurker.” A lurker is … Continue reading

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