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666: The Mark of the Beast

In New York City, it is common to receive religious advice while buying coffee or condoms or walking your dog. This guidance may come calmly, from someone on the train who wants to talk about God. It may come in … Continue reading

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We All Know about NY City Bed Bugs. Now Here’s the Hope…

It’s official: bed bugs in New York City are an epidemic and now it’s also a booming industry. It’s pretty well established that bed bugs are spreading, but now we have to deal with those wishing to profit from this … Continue reading

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What do we do about online bullying?

Being a teenager sucks. Emotions run off the hinges and bullies are downright cruel. It seems the entire scope of human misery can play out over a soggy roast beef sandwich in the school cafeteria. But that’s not the worst … Continue reading

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I Think I Smell A Rat

While I am reluctant to state that my apartment “has” a rat, it could be accurately stated that a rat has been spotted around our home on occasion. For my roommate, this represents the worst-case scenario as regards household pests. … Continue reading

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