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So You Want to Designate a Historic District

One of the main issues affecting Carroll Gardens residents centers around historic districts. The neighborhood already has one designated. The current historic district was established in 1973, and includes parts of Smith, President, Carroll and 2nd Streets. “During that time, … Continue reading

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Geocaching Brings a Father and Son Together

My 15-year-old brother, Josh, has been geocaching for about a year now, and the activity has changed his relationship with my father. In case you’re not familiar with the term, geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game. In the game, … Continue reading

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Cycling in Style: The Big Apple Tweed Bike Ride in Park Slope

Bicycle riders from across the city gathered in Park Slope recently for this year’s second Big Apple Tweed Ride, a charity event that merges cycling and couture. Approximately 150 riders attended dressed in their finest vintage English cycling-inspired garb. Participants … Continue reading

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Bringing Multimedia Show to the World of a Medieval Myth

Catherynne Valente mixed burlesque belly-dancing, improvised music, and literature for the Nov. 21 launch party of her new book, The Habitation of the Blessed. Putting the different arts together made for an experience that you don’t get out of from … Continue reading

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Drumming on. One band to the next.

If you ask Ryan Fetter to describe the Atlanta music scene, there’s only one word that comes to mind: incest. Continue reading

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The Holes on the Ground Point to Brooklyn

According to the survey, there is not a complete consensus on how much of a the problem potholes really are in New York City. Despite the fact that there is a slightly larger percentile of people who rate the problem … Continue reading

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New Yorkers Say, Bike Lanes Benefit NYC

Bike lanes in New York City are constantly stirring controversy from both supporters and opponents as hundreds of miles of bike lane paths continue to expand under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bike network initiative. The results of my recent survey reveal … Continue reading

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Survey says: NYC High School Students and Teachers Shouldn’t Talk on Facebook

In the wake of of the firings of three NYC public high school teachers for inappropriate contact with students on Facebook, I asked readers first if they are friends with their teachers or professors on Facebook, and second if they … Continue reading

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The Rent is Too Damn…kind of not that bad.

I’m more than slightly flabbergasted by the results of my survey about how much New Yorkers pay each month for rent. I know few things for certain. But I know that The Rent is Too Damn High. According to the … Continue reading

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Survey Says: NYC Subway Riders Don’t Like Surgery Ads

New York City straphangers have spoken — and they’re not fans of medical/surgery advertisements on subway train cars. In a survey of the worst NYC subway ads, “plastic and/or cosmetic surgery ads” ranked No. 1, garnering 38 percent of the … Continue reading

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