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666: The Mark of the Beast

In New York City, it is common to receive religious advice while buying coffee or condoms or walking your dog. This guidance may come calmly, from someone on the train who wants to talk about God. It may come in … Continue reading

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With Monserrate Out, Voters Believe Cuomo’s Coming In Hard On Corruption

Well, the 2010 New York gubernatorial race is over, and Andrew Cuomo is out on top. Polls indicate that he has the public’s confidence in ridding the state of corruption. Only the future will tell. Continue reading

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The Worst Noise in New York: It’s You!

A few weeks ago, we asked New Yorkers to weigh in on which of the many types of noise that New York has to offer makes you want to just give it all up for a quiet life or the … Continue reading

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Bait Em’ and Wait Em’: The Anti-Art of Cat Calls

Words get all messed up sometimes. The best of them get corrupted. I thought of this walking through the village, when I flipped off a dude who called me “bella.” If it was daytime, I would have smiled. I would … Continue reading

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NYC Bike Lane Bliss: Myth or Reality?

Bike lanes in New York City promote healthy living, reduce congestion and encourage environmental sustainability, right? Surprisingly, not everyone thinks so. In the span of one week, two anti-bike lane protests are attempting to disrupt the Department of Transportation’s bike … Continue reading

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Is Crime and Doom the New Norm in New York City?

A teen suicide, several murders, a gang rampage, and an uptick in crime have plagued New York City in the past month and citizens are wondering if it’s a horrible new trend. Even in small communities, crime is on an … Continue reading

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Sounds Of The City: What’s New York’s Worst Noise?

As CMJ’s Music Marathon arrives in New York this week, bringing with it musicians and performers from all round the world, there will be plenty of folks out enjoying long, noisy New York nights of music and debauchery. But those … Continue reading

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Will the Spider-man musical be a flop or a hit on Broadway?

We all know that Spider-man does whatever a spider can. He can spin a web any size and catch thieves just like flies. But look out, here comes the Spider-man — singing on Broadway. That’s right, Broadway. After some delays … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: great businessman, future president?

The Onion can be eerily prescient at times, but this was the Huffington Post. And this article was not in the Comedy section. Donald Trump is seriously considering running for president in 2012. Like, for real. Here’s hoping another NYC … Continue reading

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Cell Phones on NYC Subways: Advancing Mankind or Advancing Annoyance?

Transit Wireless, the networking company contracted by the MTA,  secured deals last week with AT&T and T-Mobile, and started laying the groundwork for cell phone service on NYC subways.  Within 2 years, networking will be available on 6 testing sites … Continue reading

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