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NYC’s Top 3 Most Annoying Subway Riders

The New York City subway is arguably home to the highest concentration of annoying people in the world.  They are intolerable, insane and inescapable.  When you flee from one, another emerges. There’s one in every car. Or two. Or three. … Continue reading

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NYC’s Worst Landlords List: Renters Report Roaches, Mice and Trash

Since moving into the tiny hole in Brooklyn someone had the nerve to call a 3-bedroom apartment one year ago today, I have been subjected to some horrifying “roommates”—a mouse we not-so-lovingly nicknamed Gus, six cockroaches and another mouse known … Continue reading

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Neighbor Nookie

Perhaps the most pervasive pest in NYC is not the dreaded mouse or cockroach, but the human pest–particularly of the neighbor variety.  Even more annoying is two human neighbor pests having sex. In a February 2010 survey conducted by Brick … Continue reading

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