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La Vie en Rose: How to keep your apartment in the pink for less green

Meggie Repp, a 25-year-old graphic designer for Victoria’s Secret, started her blog, Cloud Pink, in July 2010. Cloud Pink is a mix of Repp’s own creations and findings as well as items from other designers and blogs that she follows. … Continue reading

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Cycling in Style: The Big Apple Tweed Bike Ride in Park Slope

Bicycle riders from across the city gathered in Park Slope recently for this year’s second Big Apple Tweed Ride, a charity event that merges cycling and couture. Approximately 150 riders attended dressed in their finest vintage English cycling-inspired garb. Participants … Continue reading

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Survey says: NYC High School Students and Teachers Shouldn’t Talk on Facebook

In the wake of of the firings of three NYC public high school teachers for inappropriate contact with students on Facebook, I asked readers first if they are friends with their teachers or professors on Facebook, and second if they … Continue reading

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Hoop Dreams: Hoopdancing is all the rage at Park Slope’s Brooklyn Lyceum

HoopPath kicked off its six-week session hoopdancing workshop at the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope Tuesday night. Class leader and seasoned hooper Ann Humphreys will be leading students from all over the city in introductory and master hoopdancing classes. Hoopdancing, … Continue reading

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Bikes of NY

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NYC Panhandlers: friend or foe?

Most New Yorkers can’t find anything nice to say about a panhandler begging for spare change. Unless it’s posthumously. When Carroll Gardens panhandler Gilberto Medina died earlier this month, many residents grieved the loss of the familiar face that greeted … Continue reading

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NYC Student-Teacher Flirtations on Facebook: Don’t Friend So Close to Me

I wasn’t offended when Drew Barrymore smooched her English teacher in “Never Been Kissed.” And I wasn’t particularly put off by Pacey Witter’s love affair with his English teacher Tamara Jacobs on “Dawson’s Creek.” We’ve all probably had an innocent … Continue reading

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Fall 2010 TV Survey


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Carl Paladino’s Campaign: the blood, the bad and the ugly

In case you didn’t know, Carl Paladino is mad as hell. And so am I after being exposed to the New York Republican gubernatorial nominee’s childish mudslinging. For Paladino, “There Will be Blood” is more than just a Daniel Day-Lewis … Continue reading

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Stoop Kids Conquer the Neighborhood

In this video, Carroll Gardens native Mik Denaro talks about why he and his neighborhood gang hang out on a certain stoop on the corner of Smith and Union Streets.  While some see stoop squatters as pests, Mik points the … Continue reading

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