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Grad student at CUNY J-school. I'm interested in writing, new media and entertainment (among many other things).

Carroll Gardens’ Historic District Dilemmnas

Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens stands at a crossroads for preservation. The neighborhood houses a historic district that encompasses two complete blocks, but some residents want a bigger one. Others would prefer not to expand that one or designate a new one … Continue reading

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New York Holiday Windows

During the holiday season, New York offers lot of diversions for tourists and natives alike. You can choose from the traditional, the offbeat and those that fall somewhere in the middle. But one thing that can be easily agreed upon … Continue reading

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So You Want to Designate a Historic District

One of the main issues affecting Carroll Gardens residents centers around historic districts. The neighborhood already has one designated. The current historic district was established in 1973, and includes parts of Smith, President, Carroll and 2nd Streets. “During that time, … Continue reading

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New Yorkers Don’t Care About Cigarette Taxes

A few weeks ago, I posted about rising cigarette costs in New York. I asked people to weigh in with their thoughts, helpfully streamlined down to clicking a choice bubble. After giving nearly a month to respond, it’s time to view the results and problems with the system. Continue reading

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Eat Local: Park Slope’s Community Market

Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood hosts a Community Market every Sunday on 5th Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets. Here, workers staff vendor booths, selling everything from pickles to baked goods. All of the food is made locally, if not in … Continue reading

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Photo Gallery

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Cut bus lines mean trouble for passengers

Bus lines are getting cut all over the city to save money, and the Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods are no exception. On a previous visit, an area resident mentioned that the B71, B75 and B77 had been cut. … Continue reading

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Rising cigarette costs: Worth it to puff?

While soliciting ideas for this blog post via Facebook, friends named the standard NYC “pests:” MTA fare hikes, cramped quarters making for a chaotic lifestyle, and, uh, traditionally fratty attire being frowned upon in some clubs. But the one that … Continue reading

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Awesome 2.0: Roommate Stories That Are Not Awesome

Nathan recounts a harrowing three-part tale of a former Charleston roommate. No carpentry was harmed in the retelling of this experience. Part 1: Nathan’s Roommate by s.c.ewald At first, some roommates have sweet and adorable qualities, but when those qualities … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: great businessman, future president?

The Onion can be eerily prescient at times, but this was the Huffington Post. And this article was not in the Comedy section. Donald Trump is seriously considering running for president in 2012. Like, for real. Here’s hoping another NYC … Continue reading

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