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This Holiday Season, Many New York Parents Choose Reason for Their Kids

It’s winter and the holiday season is fast approaching. It’s a time when many of us feel nostalgic for childhood – a time of innocence, when we believed that anything was possible. But just as many parents around New York … Continue reading

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Geocaching Brings a Father and Son Together

My 15-year-old brother, Josh, has been geocaching for about a year now, and the activity has changed his relationship with my father. In case you’re not familiar with the term, geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game. In the game, … Continue reading

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How New Yorkers Spent Their 2010 Halloween

So, a few weeks ago I posted a survey asking people how they spent their Halloween. As you probably remember, this year’s holiday fell on a Sunday, which was a major PEST because New York City is an amazing place … Continue reading

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Max Ferguson’s ‘Urban Intimacy’ Opens at Gallery Henoch

Gallery Henoch in Chelsea recently celebrated the opening of Max Ferguson’s exhibition, Urban Intimacy. The gallery was filled with friends, fans, and curious New Yorkers that were ready to marvel over Ferguson’s “photo-realistic” paintings—all of which were oil on panel. Ferguson, a … Continue reading

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Barnard Students Deal With Anxiety and Depression in NYC

Recent teen suicides have caused Americans to wonder if anything could have been done to prevent these tragedies. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), 95% of suicidal college students suffer from mental illness, usually depression. College (late … Continue reading

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What to Do: Halloween in NYC

New York City is a wonderful place to experience Halloween. With the rise in popularity of vampires, werewolves, and serial killers (think Twilight, True Blood, and Dexter), this year’s Halloweeners are bound to be particularly enthusiastic. So, it’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Overcrowding in New York City Public Schools: Can We Fix It?

Since the recent release of David Guggenheim’s documentary, “Waiting for Superman,” problems with urban public schools have gained more attention. But are there adequate solutions? New York City parents sure hope so. One of the most problematic issues that many … Continue reading

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Killing Roaches

Like many New Yorkers, my roommate Molly and I have been having problems with cockroaches. We have tried just about EVERYTHING in order to get rid of them, but they just won’t leave us alone. Here’s a clip of our … Continue reading

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Top Three Problems for College Grads in NYC

I’m a ‘real person’ now. I graduated college this past May. My friends and I had always looked forward to the day when we would let go of the handrail of academia and independently walk forward to become successful New … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Hipsters Suck

Hipsters are one of New York City’s most unrelenting pests. If you live here, you’ve seen them and you have probably complained about them… even if you are one of them (one of the key components to being a hipster … Continue reading

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