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Top 5 annoying things about NYC Transit

It’s no great surprise that people are unhappy with New York City’s transit system.  Fare hikes are a consistent reality for New Yorkers, as are service cuts, which affect people residing in the outer boroughs.  Here’s a list of the … Continue reading

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NYC Grocery Stores Need To Step Up Their Game

The state of grocery stores in most New York neighborhoods is, as most residents know, atrocious. If you live anywhere farther out than the Upper West Side, Red Hook or West Harlem’s beautiful Fairways, you’re out of luck getting good produce and prepared products in one place for a cheap price. Continue reading

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Put Your Cell Phone Away. Now.

One of the most ubiquitous varities of New York pest is the person who has loud and extended phone conversations on public transit.  This is a person who seems to be oblivious to the concept of respecting another person’s space, … Continue reading

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