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It’s Alive! – Patient Zero Edition

[audio:|titles=It’s Alive! – Episode 1] It’s Alive! is a weekly podcast roundup of the best – and by best, we of course mean strangest – news in health science, representing everything you need to know about the week’s news in … Continue reading

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Sights and Sounds of Central Park

Urban Ranger Rob Mastrianni has been introducing people to the wonders of New York City parks for five years, from the wild reaches of Northern Manhattan’s Inwood Hill Park, which boasts deer that arrive from Westchester county and coyotes, who … Continue reading

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The Worst Noise in New York: It’s You!

A few weeks ago, we asked New Yorkers to weigh in on which of the many types of noise that New York has to offer makes you want to just give it all up for a quiet life or the … Continue reading

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Waterworld: NYC Marathon Runners Get Drinks at Mile 9 in Brooklyn

The corner of Lafayette and Classon Avenue became the 9 mile marker for the New York City Marathon last weekend, as well as a much needed oasis for runners. From early in the morning, volunteers were setting up tables, unloading trucks, stirring cauldrons of Gatorade in plastic garbage cans and pouring hundreds of gallons of bottled water into cups for marathon runners. Continue reading

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Signs of Times Square

Warnings, rules and advertisements – just some of the signs of Times Square.

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Times Square Subway Gets Religion With Subway Preachers

Anyone who has ridden New York City’s subways has, at one point or another, no doubt been threatened with the prospect of eternal damnation by one of the legion of preachers, pamphleteers and proselytizers who ride the rails. But far … Continue reading

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Sounds Of The City: What’s New York’s Worst Noise?

As CMJ’s Music Marathon arrives in New York this week, bringing with it musicians and performers from all round the world, there will be plenty of folks out enjoying long, noisy New York nights of music and debauchery. But those … Continue reading

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I Think I Smell A Rat

While I am reluctant to state that my apartment “has” a rat, it could be accurately stated that a rat has been spotted around our home on occasion. For my roommate, this represents the worst-case scenario as regards household pests. … Continue reading

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Powers Street Cat Rescue Brings Cats In From The Cold

Powers Street Cat Rescue is taking to their own streets to deal with New York’s feral cat problem, one cat colony at a time. In addition to the standard Trap-Neuter-Return tactics employed by the New York Feral Cat Initiative, the … Continue reading

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Teenagers To Ruin NYC, World

As anyone who has had the misfortune of sharing a subway car with a group of these pests can attest, teenagers in New York are basically nightmarish, weaponized human beings. They are organic machines bred for malice and fueled by … Continue reading

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