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Brooklyn’s Last Volunteer Fire Fighters Strengthen Community

Take the Coney Island bound Q subway line to Kings Highway, transfer to the B31 bus and eventually you will arrive in the small and isolated beach community of Gerritsen Beach. In the heart of this community exists the last … Continue reading

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NYC’s Newest Mobile Billboards

From Times Square’s bright lights illuminating massive billboards, to advertisements on taxicabs, buses and subways, New York City’s canvas has long been plastered with colorful money-making propaganda.  Just when every empty lamp post and brick wall seemed filled to capacity with posters … Continue reading

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New Yorkers Say, Bike Lanes Benefit NYC

Bike lanes in New York City are constantly stirring controversy from both supporters and opponents as hundreds of miles of bike lane paths continue to expand under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bike network initiative. The results of my recent survey reveal … Continue reading

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Brooklyn’s Star of the Sea

At least an hour and a half from Manhattan’s busy streets is the quiet fishing town of Sheepshead Bay. Once home to a vibrant commercial fishing industry, the bay now serves the local recreational fishing community comprised of generations-old fishing … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Students Give Passing Marks to Failing School

Nationwide there are significant concerns surrounding educational reform. Parents have trouble navigating the system successfully for the long-term benefit of their children, making the current state of public education a pest. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to … Continue reading

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NYC Bike Lane Bliss: Myth or Reality?

Bike lanes in New York City promote healthy living, reduce congestion and encourage environmental sustainability, right? Surprisingly, not everyone thinks so. In the span of one week, two anti-bike lane protests are attempting to disrupt the Department of Transportation’s bike … Continue reading

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Truths about NYC Budget Cuts: What would you cut?

The Great Recession Americans had been muddling through for almost three years was officially called off by the National Bureau of Economic Research in September. However, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg paints a picture that says otherwise. Recently, Bloomberg … Continue reading

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A Type of City Breed: Bike Thieves

The city saw a 26 percent increase in commuter cyclists just between 2008 and 2009 alone. An increase in commuter bikes sheds light on the prevalence of bike theft. A most recent example is the New York City Bike Bandit taking … Continue reading

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Three Reasons to Avoid Sick People

The fall season is only days away.  New York City kids are headed back to school and TV networks and cable channels are rolling out their new fall schedules.  What else is approaching? The beginning of an unpredictable cold and flu season … Continue reading

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New York Broker Free Apartments

Finding the right apartment to rent in any of New York City’s five boroughs can induce stress, anxiety and an overall feeling of hopelessness. The availability of apartment listings on the web through sites such as Craigslist and Street Easy … Continue reading

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