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Books, Bands, and Burlesque Dancing

Catherynne M. Valente read from her new novel, The Habitation of the Blessed, at the basements floor of Brooklyn’s WORD Bookstore. But what was unique about this event – even for the author – was that it incorporated dancing and … Continue reading

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Is Spider-Man the Musical Up for a Windfall?

As Julie Taymor’s screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tempests receives unflattering reviews from the USA Today and Rolling Stone, her other project, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, continues to be in the news despite not having opened yet. For the past … Continue reading

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Bringing Multimedia Show to the World of a Medieval Myth

Catherynne Valente mixed burlesque belly-dancing, improvised music, and literature for the Nov. 21 launch party of her new book, The Habitation of the Blessed. Putting the different arts together made for an experience that you don’t get out of from … Continue reading

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The Holes on the Ground Point to Brooklyn

According to the survey, there is not a complete consensus on how much of a the problem potholes really are in New York City. Despite the fact that there is a slightly larger percentile of people who rate the problem … Continue reading

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Walking away: the end of the Marathon

Despite the fact that Central Park West isn’t actually on the path of the ING New York City Marathon, it was still closed down on November 17 from morning to evening. You could find the street lined with ambulances, restrooms, … Continue reading

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Bicycling and Potholes in New York City

I was e-mailing back and forth with a bicyclist from the Transportation Alternative about riding around in New York City. She wrote that dodging potholes is a challenge for bicyclist here especially since the streets are beaten down by winter … Continue reading

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Are Potholes Really a Problem in NYC?

They come in many sizes. From small little cracks on the road to large gaping holes that even veteran motorcyclist can’t avoid. They’re potholes and one assumes they’re peppered all around New York roads. I mean at least you’d think … Continue reading

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Will the Spider-man musical be a flop or a hit on Broadway?

We all know that Spider-man does whatever a spider can. He can spin a web any size and catch thieves just like flies. But look out, here comes the Spider-man — singing on Broadway. That’s right, Broadway. After some delays … Continue reading

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WISTERIA, Strangler of Trees

Dealing with unwanted plants in your garden can be a nuisance but imagine a plant life that actually strangles trees to death. Wisteria, one of a number of invasive species in Central Park, has a particular trait of wrapping itself … Continue reading

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NYC’s Day Ruinners

One day my friends and I were looking for a parking spot around Queens Blvd. And like a gift from the gods, a parking spot appeared under a most lonely light post. Hours later we returned to find the car … Continue reading

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