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The Three Creepiest Types of People in New York City

Upon my decision to move to the “Big City,” I was continuously forewarned that New York was full of “creeps:” my parents, friends and even acquaintances cautioned me against the cloying nature of some New Yorkers. However, out of the … Continue reading

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Cat Callers: Inappropriate Pests

I apologize for excluding some of the gentlemen with the subject of this post, though I’m sure some of you may be able to sympathize. And just to clarify: I am not man-bashing here, because I know none of my … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Pest: Bookstore Lurkers

Instead of boosting the bookstore and magazine shop economy, a group of companies for which I may someday work, I, along with numerous others in New York, am what many shop owners and managers call a “lurker.” A lurker is … Continue reading

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