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La Vie en Rose: How to keep your apartment in the pink for less green

Meggie Repp, a 25-year-old graphic designer for Victoria’s Secret, started her blog, Cloud Pink, in July 2010. Cloud Pink is a mix of Repp’s own creations and findings as well as items from other designers and blogs that she follows. … Continue reading

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666: The Mark of the Beast

In New York City, it is common to receive religious advice while buying coffee or condoms or walking your dog. This guidance may come calmly, from someone on the train who wants to talk about God. It may come in … Continue reading

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New York Holiday Windows

During the holiday season, New York offers lot of diversions for tourists and natives alike. You can choose from the traditional, the offbeat and those that fall somewhere in the middle. But one thing that can be easily agreed upon … Continue reading

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Copts Rally For Peace At United Nations

Police shot dead one young Coptic men and arrested 156 Copts who were protesting for the right to build a new church in Giza, Egypt on November 24. Continue reading

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UES Xmas 101: Where to find a Christmas tree in Yorkville

With t-minus 10 days until Christmas, there’s not much time to find a tree to accompany the stockings and yule logs adorning your Upper East Side apartment. If you’re in need of a tree — or just enjoy large plants … Continue reading

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It’s Alive! – Patient Zero Edition

[audio:|titles=It’s Alive! – Episode 1] It’s Alive! is a weekly podcast roundup of the best – and by best, we of course mean strangest – news in health science, representing everything you need to know about the week’s news in … Continue reading

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This Holiday Season, Many New York Parents Choose Reason for Their Kids

It’s winter and the holiday season is fast approaching. It’s a time when many of us feel nostalgic for childhood – a time of innocence, when we believed that anything was possible. But just as many parents around New York … Continue reading

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How Does New York Influence Fashion?

My second assignment for Sunglass Hut’s “Full Time Fabulous” competition asked an important but extremely broad question: How does New York inspire fashion? Thee are many directions in which I think I could have taken this project, but I really … Continue reading

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Wearable Collections Helps New Yorkers Recycle

Adam Baruchowitz is the CEO of an innovative New York company called Wearable Collections, which aims to make recycling clothing “as easy as recycling bottles, cans or newspapers.” Baruchowitz started the company with an idea on how to eliminate waste, … Continue reading

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Graffiti, Inc.

Bio, an artist from the Bronx, is one of five graffiti gurus who make up Tat’s Cru, Inc., or Top Artistic Talents, a company of street artists-turned-professional muralists. Known as “The Mural Kings,” these innovators of urban advertising have been … Continue reading

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