Three-Quarters Homeless: A Rally Against Transitional Houses in Brooklyn

Tenants and community activists joined together in front of 42 and 44 Christopher Avenue in Brownsville, the site of two “three-quarter houses.”

These houses present themselves as transitional program housing for the formerly homeless, recovering addicts and formerly incarcerated people. But, according to a report by the Coalition for the Homeless and the work of the Three Quarter House Project, many of them don’t offer programs at all.

Tanya Kessler is the lawyer for the Three Quarter House Project, and she represents tenants of these houses in court. On Monday, she filed a class action lawsuit against Yury Baumblit, the owner of the company that manages the houses on Christopher Avenue.

Tenants there complain that they are being illegally evicted, and now only five tenants remain in the buildings. Two weeks ago, there were over 30.

Kessler charges that Baumblit, who was indicted in 2009 on unrelated charges of insurance fraud, wants to kick people out to get new tenants in with new security deposits. The community organizer for the project, Raquel Namuche, charges that these landlords are “taking advantage of extremely vulnerable tenants.”

Below, listen to the sounds of the rally and hear the perspectives of both the tenants of the houses on Christopher Avenue and Ms. Kessler.

Tenants gear up for the protest by practicing with Raquel Namuche, the organizer for the Three Quarter House Project, the five-foot 25-year-old whose voice manages to carry even without a bullhorn.
The Rally Practice by nidanajar

Jerome David, one of the most active tenants with the Three-Quarter House Project, has experienced harassment at the hands of management since he moved in to 44 Christopher Avenue nine months ago.
Jerome David Interview by nidanajar

Barry Winstead lives in 44 Christopher with Jerome David. He elaborates on why it’s so hard to live in three-quarter housing.
Barry Winstead by nidanajar

Tanya Kessler is the lawyer for the Three Quarter House Project. She filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of Jerome David and Barry Winstead against Yury Baumblit and Company in Kings County Supreme Court.
Tanya Kessler by nidanajar

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21 Responses to Three-Quarters Homeless: A Rally Against Transitional Houses in Brooklyn

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  4. jose says:

    its people paying 45 hundred $ and ind the room with 456 bunk beds and giveing 100 $ in food stamps the house has so many violations it got to stop

    • jose says:

      its people paying 4 5 hundred$ a monthes to sleep in a room with 6 and 7 guys and then 100 in food stamps then 40$ in utilitys this has to stop?

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  10. Cleaning says:

    This is just to unreal. How can someone throw on the streets people without other place to stay? Outrageous.

  11. Onno Vocks says:

    I love it when people get together and share views. Great website, keep it up!

  12. Honeyboy Shaheed says:

    I’am a guy who do not have any issues with the law, however I have lived in a 3quarter house where the house manager took 25 to 35 dollors for so call gas and electric for every month I lived there’. I lived there 1 year before the house close with out me knowing. Also I understood that the owner never new this. Several Other guys have complained also about paying there SSI of 300$ or more to live there, which was paid to the House mananger with out there name on the house roster. I was then sent to a house where this owner was just looking to get SSI or Public Assistant money from who ever she can. If I had the chance I would not let this happen to me or anyone again. I am still living out of bags and it sucks but my life health and strenth keeps me going. These guys should not have to live like this. I say Shut the bad houses down. Joining Hands…………….PLEASE… FIND A JOB OR A BETTER PLACE & GET OUT.

  13. Tanjia Irizarry says:

    Please Im a latin women searching for housing for over 7 years with a 2010 E application . Don’t misssunderstand I’m very active .I have had to put my schooling on the back burner due to uncertanty of where I will be able to rest my head at night . Its diffecult for me because I’m not HIV positive . I feel for individuals whom are suffering that deases . But it seems only HIV POSITIVE ,person will benifit from low income housing,scater sites or any other services that are avaiable to minarities .I am so hurt and my struggles are continuing and growing as time passes .I changed my live completly since my release from prison in 2007 . At times I get discorage and yes I have my moments .I suffer from depressive disorder ,Yes I have felt like ending it all and that no one is evergoing to help me. I still continue to try with all things against me. At times I dont now why I keep struggling ,I feel as thue I am here for a reason and until Ifigure out what that reson is . I will keep striving to make it. I dont ask for hand outs or for anything that I have not worked for or intitle to. All I ask for is what everyone whom is struggling and trying to be productive in society ,my job or just every day life Please if there is someone out there who can help the peolpe who aren’t HIV positive and are seeking houing in low incme to Please help us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Tanjia

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  18. Wish there were more places like this one, thanks for providing such help to the community.

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