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With Monserrate Out, Voters Believe Cuomo’s Coming In Hard On Corruption

Well, the 2010 New York gubernatorial race is over, and Andrew Cuomo is out on top. Polls indicate that he has the public’s confidence in ridding the state of corruption. Only the future will tell. Continue reading

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The Worst Noise in New York: It’s You!

A few weeks ago, we asked New Yorkers to weigh in on which of the many types of noise that New York has to offer makes you want to just give it all up for a quiet life or the … Continue reading

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How New Yorkers Spent Their 2010 Halloween

So, a few weeks ago I posted a survey asking people how they spent their Halloween. As you probably remember, this year’s holiday fell on a Sunday, which was a major PEST because New York City is an amazing place … Continue reading

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Max Ferguson’s ‘Urban Intimacy’ Opens at Gallery Henoch

Gallery Henoch in Chelsea recently celebrated the opening of Max Ferguson’s exhibition, Urban Intimacy. The gallery was filled with friends, fans, and curious New Yorkers that were ready to marvel over Ferguson’s “photo-realistic” paintings—all of which were oil on panel. Ferguson, a … Continue reading

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‘Weekend At Bernie’s’: Last Chance To Bid On Madoff’s New York Personal Property

Thousands of miles from former Wall Street big-timer Bernie Madoff’s new home in the Butler Federal Correctional Complex in Butler, N.C., the U.S. Marshals Service is set to sell all of Madoff’s personal possessions. Continue reading

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NYC ING Marathon: The Fans

In case you missed it, the New York City Marathon happened this Sunday. Staggered start times staved off intense crowding later in the morning, but excitement was, nevertheless, in the air. Seeing the friends and family of 45,000 very different … Continue reading

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The Rally to Restore Sanity (and hug strangers dressed like Carebears)

There were a lot of people at John Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity. While tweeting from the sardined crowds, I estimated “a fuckload.” Later reports approximated some 200, 000 bodies, people who came out – according to the Rally’s website … Continue reading

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Brooklyn’s Star of the Sea

At least an hour and a half from Manhattan’s busy streets is the quiet fishing town of Sheepshead Bay. Once home to a vibrant commercial fishing industry, the bay now serves the local recreational fishing community comprised of generations-old fishing … Continue reading

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Dandy Lion: Behold a Gentleman

Men in impeccably-tailored suit jackets and oxford-clad feet compared pocket squares and spoke of creative inspiration last weekend at Harlem PoP, located on 126th Street and Lenox Ave. The pop-up shop in central Harlem is home to the Dandy Lion … Continue reading

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Walking away: the end of the Marathon

Despite the fact that Central Park West isn’t actually on the path of the ING New York City Marathon, it was still closed down on November 17 from morning to evening. You could find the street lined with ambulances, restrooms, … Continue reading

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