The Rent is Too Damn…kind of not that bad.

I’m more than slightly flabbergasted by the results of my survey about how much New Yorkers pay each month for rent. I know few things for certain. But I know that The Rent is Too Damn High.

According to the Office of Management and Budget, the average rent in New York City is $2, 80o per month. Yet the largest number of respondents fell in the lowest category: $500-800 dollars. Perhaps they share a $2, 800 apartment with five other people. It’s possible.

I’m trying to assess what factors could have set the results off:

1. I posted the survey on Facebook and the majority of my friends are in their 20s ans 30s. They could be living in student housing. And I didn’t create an option for Uncle Sam’s rent dollars.

2. I did not specify Manhattan. The respondents in the $500 range could live in outer boroughs, or outside of the city.

3. Not a lot of people want to admit that their sugar daddy pays the bills, even in anonymous Google surveys.

However, despite my certainty that the Rent is Too Damn High here, New York didn’t make Forbes list of the hardest places to pay rent. The reason: we make more here too.

Some of us make more too.

I don’t know. I could go for a sugar daddy right about now. I’m unconvinced by this survey. Times are tough.

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  1. brianne says:

    #3 looks tempting 😉 …sort of just kidding.

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