New Yorkers Say, Bike Lanes Benefit NYC

Bike lanes in New York City are constantly stirring controversy from both supporters and opponents as hundreds of miles of bike lane paths continue to expand under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bike network initiative. The results of my recent survey reveal that bike lanes are not intrusive to responders’ daily lives in the City.

The 36 responses to the survey asking how bike lanes postively or negatively affect peoples’ lives suggest a general consensus that bike lanes – more than not – contribute to pedestrian safety and environmental sustainability in the City.

1) While only 11% responded that they actually use bike lanes, an overwhelming majority, 67%, are aware of bike lanes’ presence and see them throughout New York City.

2) Sixty-one percent of people who responded to the survey don’t think bike lanes are annoying. However, it was surprising to discover that a significant number of people, almost one-third of responses to this question, said bike lanes are a nusiance when they get in their way.

3) When asked if the DOT should stop building the city bike network, 58% said no, that the city will benefit from having pedestrain and bike friendly lanes. While some are not happy about the invasive nature of Bloomberg’s bike lane intiative, results from this survey show most people don’t mind bike lanes.

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