New Yorkers Don’t Care About Cigarette Taxes

A few weeks ago, I posted about rising cigarette costs in New York. I asked people to weigh in with their thoughts, helpfully streamlined down to clicking a choice bubble. After giving nearly a month to respond, it’s time to view the results and problems with the system.

Twenty-six people (26) clicked on “It doesn’t. I don’t smoke.” (I guess those grade-school D.A.R.E. programs really helped.)

Six (6) respondents chose “It’s a total drag, man.” I should have been more specific here. What exactly makes it a drag (besides spending more money for a product that hasn’t evolved in a parallel manner)? The effect on health? (I might as well have written “Bummer, dude.”)

Two (2) people chose “Only a social smoker, so it doesn’t dent my wallet that much.” I should’ve defined “social.” Twice a week? Three times a month? Every four years?

Also, apparently nobody bums cigarettes anymore. A whopping zero (0) clicked on “It doesn’t. I only bum them off other people.” But then it’s possible I overestimated how well-known that word actually is.

But if you want to see the results all pretty, here’s a pie chart to look at.

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