Is Crime and Doom the New Norm in New York? According to You – YES!

Although most of you don’t keep up with crime in New York City, it’s apparent that the crimes that are occurring are due in part to the recession according to your responses to our recent survey.

A full 55 percent of you agreed with Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s long-time stance that stronger gun control can cut down on assault. Around 15 percent thought it wasn’t possible to determine, perhaps a sign that fighting crime has no easy answer.

Overwhelmingly, you believe the police can do something – they can be more present. This hearkens back to Mayor Giuliani’s vision for reducing crime. He said that by cutting down on graffiti and petty thefts, the “impression” of a crime-free city would translate into an “actual” crime free city. Fifteen years later, the graffiti is gone but the crime is here to stay. One responder said things have gotten better:

“I remember NY in the 80’s. Things are still so much better, crime will rise and fall but it’s nothing like the 80’s or early 90’s.”

Almost every single person who tried to pose a solution to today’s problem mentioned concentrating on education and jobs as a way of keeping people feeling good about their situation instead of hopeless:

“The only solution is to improve New York’s education system.  Any other measures, police or otherwise, are just treating the symptoms,” said one responder.

And oh…if the recession could be over…..

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