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Barnard Students Deal With Anxiety and Depression in NYC

Recent teen suicides have caused Americans to wonder if anything could have been done to prevent these tragedies. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), 95% of suicidal college students suffer from mental illness, usually depression. College (late … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Students Give Passing Marks to Failing School

Nationwide there are significant concerns surrounding educational reform. Parents have trouble navigating the system successfully for the long-term benefit of their children, making the current state of public education a pest. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to … Continue reading

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AT&T Cell Reception in New York City

A majority of New Yorkers with AT&T complain of dropped calls and terrible customer service, and converts praise Verizon Wireless, who is rumored to be next in line for the covetable iPhone contract. The newest version of the iPhone will … Continue reading

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Bicycling and Potholes in New York City

I was e-mailing back and forth with a bicyclist from the Transportation Alternative about riding around in New York City. She wrote that dodging potholes is a challenge for bicyclist here especially since the streets are beaten down by winter … Continue reading

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NYC Panhandlers: friend or foe?

Most New Yorkers can’t find anything nice to say about a panhandler begging for spare change. Unless it’s posthumously. When Carroll Gardens panhandler Gilberto Medina died earlier this month, many residents grieved the loss of the familiar face that greeted … Continue reading

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Times Square Subway Gets Religion With Subway Preachers

Anyone who has ridden New York City’s subways has, at one point or another, no doubt been threatened with the prospect of eternal damnation by one of the legion of preachers, pamphleteers and proselytizers who ride the rails. But far … Continue reading

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Worst MTA Subway Signage? NYC Straphangers Share Their Least Favorite Subway Ads

Subway advertisements sometimes blend into the background of our train commutes. Other times, they add grotesque and/or annoying reminders about bunion surgery, alcohol products, pun-heavy “New York” taglines, sex-focused images, and religious or spiritual viewpoints. Which subway ads irk New … Continue reading

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Cut bus lines mean trouble for passengers

Bus lines are getting cut all over the city to save money, and the Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods are no exception. On a previous visit, an area resident mentioned that the B71, B75 and B77 had been cut. … Continue reading

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NYC Bike Lane Bliss: Myth or Reality?

Bike lanes in New York City promote healthy living, reduce congestion and encourage environmental sustainability, right? Surprisingly, not everyone thinks so. In the span of one week, two anti-bike lane protests are attempting to disrupt the Department of Transportation’s bike … Continue reading

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Beware of the closing doors: Which NYC subway ads bother you the most?

Given the uproar surrounding the latest round of MTA fare increases, it’s reasonable that New York City trains, buses and subways be used as advertising space to generate revenue. In general, staring at a print advertisement for a few minutes … Continue reading

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