Bushwick Car Alarms Are Amazing

Within minutes of arriving at home in Bushwick and kicking off the shoes, some scratched, beat-up compact car from the early 90s that some paranoid owner is afraid of getting stolen ruins the peaceful and comfortable enclave of my couch. Sound travels fast and when someone triggers the annoying, cacophonic ear-piercing alarm, it immediately becomes a nuisance.

This noise pollution is a problem. Noise Off defines noise pollution as “unwanted human-created sound that has the effect of being annoying, distracting, painful, or physically harmful.”

Then, by definition, this car alarm problem is definitely noise pollution and, even worse, a pest.

Jessica has lived in Bushwick for over a year. During that time she’s had her fair share of wake-ups thanks to the neighborhood’s problem with car alarms.

Jessica’s Awesome Alarm Story by Nathan Frandino

Andre moved to Bushwick last August, but he still has yet to embrace Bushwick’s endearing car alarm attraction.

Andre’s Awesome Alarm Story by Nathan Frandino

Here’s a sample of Bushwick’s car alarm:

Bushwick’s Awesome Car Alarm by Nathan Frandino

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2 Responses to Bushwick Car Alarms Are Amazing

  1. Joe says:

    What’s more annoying than car alarm “noise pollution”? Having to get a car alarm because your car gets quietly broken into A LOT in Bushwick.

    Wait, what’s more annoying than that? “Journalists” that call a car owner “paranoid” for having a car alarm that actually goes off. (Wouldn’t the guy be paranoid if he bought a car alarm and then it never went off?)

    And what’s more annoying than that? Gentrifiers moving into unfamiliar neighborhoods (For “OVER A YEAR!”), only to feel entitled enough to complain about how annoying it is when “THEY are driving down the street, playing THEIR bass really loud.” Really?

    Let me guess, Andre and Jessica, and Nathaniel all do not have cars in Bushwick. But they’ve had cars when they were younger, not living in NYC.

    Is this article and these interviews for real? Or is it meant to be as sarcastic as and slack as the headline?

    Maybe next brunch, (between some totes killer bloodies, brah) you guys could ponder why people have car alarms in Bushwick? Or why folks feel entitled to not only invade a neighborhood, but instantly expect suburban comforts with the low rent.

  2. marrakech says:

    je vous remercie beacoup.

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