AT&T Cell Reception in New York City

...seems to be the general concensus

A majority of New Yorkers with AT&T complain of dropped calls and terrible customer service, and converts praise Verizon Wireless, who is rumored to be next in line for the covetable iPhone contract.

The newest version of the iPhone will be similar to the original version, but will run on the Verizon network, which, despite their latest earnings report, I’ve been told is a much more reliable network in New York.

I took to Bryant Park and the Upper West Side to ask passersby how they’d rate their cell phone service, and for those with AT&T, I wanted to find out their level of satisfaction.

A Current AT&T user vents his frustration
AT&T Current User by DopeAmbition

Amanda used to have ok cell reception in her hometown, but her move to New York has been bad for her talk time
Amanda’s Complicated Relationship with AT&T by DopeAmbition

Another dissatisfied customer says he’s only in it for the iPhone.
Only in it for the iPhone by DopeAmbition

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