Sounds Of The City: What’s New York’s Worst Noise?

Cloverfield Monster, New York

Hey, buddy, some of us have to work in the morning!

As CMJ’s Music Marathon arrives in New York this week, bringing with it musicians and performers from all round the world, there will be plenty of folks out enjoying long, noisy New York nights of music and debauchery. But those nights are bound to cost other New Yorkers a few hours of beauty sleep here and there, challenging the long held notion that rock and roll ain’t noise pollution. Certainly, though, this is nothing residents aren’t used to – being able to catch a cat nap in the midst of what can sometimes sound like a war-zone or a roost for horrible disembodied cyber-birds is a valuable asset in the City The Never Sleeps, but plenty of us have been roused from slumber by one of New York’s louder distractions.

Car alarms. Sirens. Jackhammers. Drunks. Loud cellphone talkers. Whatever that thing in Cloverfield was. Anyone who has lived in the city is familiar with any number of rude awakenings.

Shit gets loud in plenty of different ways around the city, and we want to know what your least favorite noise around town is. Is it the early morning jackhammering of construction work that never seems finished? The constant cry of traffic – horns, sirens and trains rumbling along? Is it just your fellow residents, from the drunks at the bar downstairs to the baby who won’t shut up next door? Or is it something else entirely – an unwholesome clicking from your radiator or the incessantly yapping hound a floor up, perhaps? Weigh in and let us know what keeps you up at night!

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