Are Potholes Really a Problem in NYC?

Covering up a pothole

Pictures of filling in a pothole (Source: Daily News)

They come in many sizes. From small little cracks on the road to large gaping holes that even veteran motorcyclist can’t avoid. They’re potholes and one assumes they’re peppered all around New York roads.

I mean at least you’d think so if they’ve cost the city 38 million dollars in lawsuits since 2005 and caused so many complaints and drama in the Upper East Side.

But look at this interactive map for potholes complaints and you see that a lot of the complaints are not about them.

Maybe they are not that big of a problem in New York as some think? Maybe other things are more annoying to ride through on the road like brick pathways?

You tell me.

Based on your personal experience, how would you scale the pothole problem in New York?

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