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Bikes of NY

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Midtown Manhattan: The Garment District

Midtown Manhattan is home to one of New York City’s few industrial manufacturing areas: the garment district. Below are scenes from Spandex House, a textile warehouse on 38th Street.

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Tourists in Times Square

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Trash in Times Square

A ton of tourists means even more tons of trash, which sanitation workers clean multiple times a day.

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Signs of Times Square

Warnings, rules and advertisements – just some of the signs of Times Square.

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Photo Gallery

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Bushwick Car Alarms Are Amazing

Within minutes of arriving at home in Bushwick and kicking off the shoes, some scratched, beat-up compact car from the early 90s that some paranoid owner is afraid of getting stolen ruins the peaceful and comfortable enclave of my couch. … Continue reading

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Bait Em’ and Wait Em’: The Anti-Art of Cat Calls

Words get all messed up sometimes. The best of them get corrupted. I thought of this walking through the village, when I flipped off a dude who called me “bella.” If it was daytime, I would have smiled. I would … Continue reading

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NYC Food Inequalities and East New York Farms

The city published a report in 2008 calling East New York one of the highest need neighborhoods for healthier food availability. East New York has one of the city’s highest diabetes rates and also one of its highest obesity rates. … Continue reading

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We All Know about NY City Bed Bugs. Now Here’s the Hope…

It’s official: bed bugs in New York City are an epidemic and now it’s also a booming industry. It’s pretty well established that bed bugs are spreading, but now we have to deal with those wishing to profit from this … Continue reading

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