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Killing Roaches

Like many New Yorkers, my roommate Molly and I have been having problems with cockroaches. We have tried just about EVERYTHING in order to get rid of them, but they just won’t leave us alone. Here’s a clip of our … Continue reading

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Powers Street Cat Rescue Brings Cats In From The Cold

Powers Street Cat Rescue is taking to their own streets to deal with New York’s feral cat problem, one cat colony at a time. In addition to the standard Trap-Neuter-Return tactics employed by the New York Feral Cat Initiative, the … Continue reading

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WISTERIA, Strangler of Trees

Dealing with unwanted plants in your garden can be a nuisance but imagine a plant life that actually strangles trees to death. Wisteria, one of a number of invasive species in Central Park, has a particular trait of wrapping itself … Continue reading

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Stoop Kids Conquer the Neighborhood

In this video, Carroll Gardens native Mik Denaro talks about why he and his neighborhood gang hang out on a certain stoop on the corner of Smith and Union Streets.  While some see stoop squatters as pests, Mik points the … Continue reading

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NYC’s Day Ruinners

One day my friends and I were looking for a parking spot around Queens Blvd. And like a gift from the gods, a parking spot appeared under a most lonely light post. Hours later we returned to find the car … Continue reading

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4 Tips for the NYC Tourist

There’s only one thing worse than being a tourist: Loudly broadcasting the fact that you are one. This isn’t limited purely to vocal inflections or decibel, but in every possible way. The best thing to do is study up. At … Continue reading

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Controversy and Lies: The “Ground Zero” Mosque

If you’re living in New York City, or anywhere on Planet Earth, you’re probably well-versed in the controversy surrounding Park51, an Islamic Center set to be built in lower Manhattan, two blocks North of Ground Zero. The project was designed … Continue reading

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No Reservations: A List of New York’s Trendiest Restaurants

Do you want to avoid waiting in a long restaurant line? Tired of the odd reservation policies at New York’s most popular restaurants? Join the crowd. We’ve all seen it. Lines of people flowing outside doors and around entire blocks … Continue reading

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Top 5 annoying things about NYC Transit

It’s no great surprise that people are unhappy with New York City’s transit system.  Fare hikes are a consistent reality for New Yorkers, as are service cuts, which affect people residing in the outer boroughs.  Here’s a list of the … Continue reading

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Blogging SuX aka I don’t care about your blog.

Don’t talk to me about blogging or current events. I don’t care. Continue reading

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