Sidewalk CEO: A day in the hustle

Broadway is a hip hop artist living in Newark, New Jersey. His only income is his music, but he’s not signed to a label. Three times a week he rides the New Jersey Transit to Times Square, where he hustles anyone “short, fat, brown, yellow…” to take his CDs for a “donation.” He says his positive energy keeps him hustlin’. See for yourself.

SIDEWALK CEO: A Day in the Hustle from Hannah Miet on Vimeo.

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One Response to Sidewalk CEO: A day in the hustle

  1. I love how up close and personal you got with this character of a street hustler.

    He really believes he is connecting with people, which is ironic considering that most people probably try to avoid walking past him, if they can.

    I remember when I visited New York with my DECA class my senior year of high school; I LOVED the hip-hop peddling hustlers. I actually listened to all the CDs I brought back from NY. Now, I try my best to avoid walking past them.


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