A Type of City Breed: Bike Thieves

The city saw a 26 percent increase in commuter cyclists just between 2008 and 2009 alone. An increase in commuter bikes sheds light on the prevalence of bike theft. A most recent example is the New York City Bike Bandit taking advantage of city cyclists.

As New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation continue to expand the city’s bike network, the problem of bicycle theft needs to be examined closely.

A Type of City Breed: Bike Thieves from Elis Estrada on Vimeo.

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8 Responses to A Type of City Breed: Bike Thieves

  1. Kathy says:

    The 1st thing Mr Bloomberg & DOT need to do, is stop WASTING MILLIONS (of our tax dollars) ripping up good streets and start repairing streets that are in DESPERATE need of repair!

    But until “everyone” makes complaints, they will continue WASTING & only pointing out when they do something good!

    Here is a good link to start making complaints:


  2. Dave the Dude says:

    The point of this video, which doesn’t even tell people to write down their bike’s serial number and brand and model, and take a photo of it is…what???

    At the end of the video: REGISTRY is misspelled. DUH!


    not stolenbikeregistery.com

  3. ice nt krew says:

    im out here man notorious thieves krew nyc bandets

  4. miriam corea says:

    my bike got stolen at 92 N 3 ave friday oct 15 around 3;30 I BEEN LOOKIN SINCE AND I WONT GIVE UP <<<<<<BUT OMG THAT THINGS I FIND OUT PLACES WHERE I BEEN LOOKIN WHERE THEY HAVE ALL THIS STOLEN BIKES FOR SALE ON THEY BACK YARDS OR BASEMENTS,,,,,PRETEND BIKE SHOPS PERHAPS STORES,,,,PLEASE SOME 1 do something about this big bike scam people like me got our bike stolen\

    hard workin people ,,,,please some one has to do somethin about this,,,,is just not fear

  5. miriam corea says:

    imma find my bike and the guy who stole it from me <<<<<guess what some one at the store starbuscks coffe at (@92 N 3 ave took a video and i also took a good look at u so nypd will take care of u soon,,,,,,have fun stealing bikes cuz u wont b havin fun doin this while u in jail…..soon….

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