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Disappearing subway workers worry New York City commuters

Agent by agent, booth by booth, New York City subway stations are getting a little more deserted. Sabrina Greenwood agrees. Greenwood worked as an M.T.A. station agent until she was laid off on Aug. 13, 2010. Now, commuters are worried … Continue reading

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Meet The Mess

When Omar Minaya took over the day to day operations as Mets General Manager, he promised that his remake of “Los Mets” would deliver a championship. What happened instead? 3 straight division collapses, two lost seasons, a shady firing of … Continue reading

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Mother of four clings to hope despite her newfound unemployment

As the recession continued, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority steadily chopped away at signs of hope for Bronx mother Sabrina Greenwood. The mother of four had been working as a station agent, promoted to a supervisor and then demoted back to … Continue reading

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The Gentrification of Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Gentrification in Brooklyn is a complex issue, as well as a loaded term.  There are several waves of inhabitants of any neighborhood from its inception, so it’s difficult to attribute one space to one group of people. But, the issues … Continue reading

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A Type of City Breed: Bike Thieves

The city saw a 26 percent increase in commuter cyclists just between 2008 and 2009 alone. An increase in commuter bikes sheds light on the prevalence of bike theft. A most recent example is the New York City Bike Bandit taking … Continue reading

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East Harlem’s Healthy Food Vendor

East Harlem has never been short of food vendors. But how many offer healthy items? Holton Farms (Westminster, VT) recently began selling organic fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products in La Marqueta, a 70-year-old indoor market on 115th street in … Continue reading

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Sidewalk CEO: A day in the hustle

Broadway is a hip hop artist living in Newark, New Jersey. His only income is his music, but he’s not signed to a label. Three times a week he rides the New Jersey Transit to Times Square, where he hustles … Continue reading

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Two pests, one potential ban

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West Indian Day Parade 2010 Leftovers

There are over 47 parades every year in New York City, and while the festivities are exciting, they leave an extraordinary amount of trash behind. Much of it is not recycled. The West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway in … Continue reading

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Pests of New York (Fashion Week): Media Storm & Flashing Lights

The flashes are blinding and the microphones are everywhere; people with cameras pile on top of one another like ants, pawing their way to a shot of a fashion designer, a celebrity, a magazine editor. A lot of New Yorkers … Continue reading

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