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Manic Street Preachers: Sermons from the Subway

 Being in your apartment is like being in a cocoon – you are insulated against people intent on pushing you, screaming at you, brushing you, falling on you, stepping on you. Once you are on a subway train, you … Continue reading

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App for Pest

Pests in New York include mosquitoes that unapologetically make your unairconditioned New York City apartment their home.  Sneaking past doors accidentally left open and broken window screens, these tiny creatures can potentially leave monstrous marks on your body and health. … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Pest: Bookstore Lurkers

Instead of boosting the bookstore and magazine shop economy, a group of companies for which I may someday work, I, along with numerous others in New York, am what many shop owners and managers call a “lurker.” A lurker is … Continue reading

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The Real Pests

When I think “pests of New York,” all of the obvious images come to mind: the cockroaches that invade my space and make me want to cry; the mice that squeak in corners until I pull my covers over my … Continue reading

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