Let’s Expand the Definition

One definition Merriam-Webster.com has for pest is “an epidemic disease associated with high mortality.” But a connection to death shouldn’t be a requirement for something to count as a pest. That is unless killing off a few minutes (or seconds) of you’re life counts as an issue of mortality for you.

According to that definition there are a few New Yorkers that might fall into that umbrella? For example this epidemic of “One-Uppers” you meet sometimes at parties.

The type to say, “You went to California last summer. Guess what! I went to Paris, Spain and Portugal!”

If One-Uppers count, maybe some would also count Career Naysayers, Experienced Idiots, and Ironic Bigots.

Don’t get me wrong. New York is a melting pot of some amazing people. But leave an top open while your cooking and some pests can drop right in.

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