Car alarms add to the pest problem

Twitter’s recent #youknowwhatsannoying trending topic revealed several users who shared the same frustrating and irritating annoyance that I have in Bushwick, Brooklyn: car alarms.

Within minutes of arriving at home and kicking off the shoes, some scratched, beat-up compact car from the early 90s that some paranoid owner is afraid of getting stolen ruins the peaceful and comfortable enclave of my couch. Sound travels fast and when someone triggers the annoying, cacophonic ear-piercing alarm, it immediately becomes a nuisance.

This noise pollution is a problem. Noise Off defines noise pollution as “unwanted human-created sound that has the effect of being annoying, distracting, painful, or physically harmful.”

Then, by definition, this car alarm problem is definitely noise pollution and, even worse, a pest.

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One Response to Car alarms add to the pest problem

  1. A. Adam Glenn says:

    Like that Twitter hashtag – could be a great way to find lots of annoying/pest-like stories in New York!

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