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Cat Callers: Inappropriate Pests

I apologize for excluding some of the gentlemen with the subject of this post, though I’m sure some of you may be able to sympathize. And just to clarify: I am not man-bashing here, because I know none of my … Continue reading

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Though annoying, tourism has impact on NYC’s bottom line

Like locusts to a plague, they come ready to feast. Continue reading

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The Bedbug, The Alligator, His Bank, And Her Robber

Bedbugs – they’re not just for making your home unlivable and causing your friends and associates to avoid you like the vile plague ship you are anymore.  According to AP, even our movie theaters, bastions against dealing with reality since … Continue reading

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Let’s Expand the Definition

One definition has for pest is “an epidemic disease associated with high mortality.” But a connection to death shouldn’t be a requirement for something to count as a pest. That is unless killing off a few minutes (or seconds) … Continue reading

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Put Your Cell Phone Away. Now.

One of the most ubiquitous varities of New York pest is the person who has loud and extended phone conversations on public transit.  This is a person who seems to be oblivious to the concept of respecting another person’s space, … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a Voyeurist. (They’re watching me watch them watch me, right now.)

Calling an exterminator will not kill every type of New York pest. Some vermin are part and parcel of the urban territory, as quintessential to the landscape’s harmony as taxicab horns and catcalls. Peeping Toms are one such pest. Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Now we observe the pest in a quite unnatural habitat…

The pest ranges in size from a four-limbed beast to an animal sporting seemingly millions of appendages when they travel in packs. Locust-esque, it gobbles up any and all gaudy trinkets, shiny or air-brushed, mostly within Times Square. They clog … Continue reading

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Car alarms add to the pest problem

Twitter’s recent #youknowwhatsannoying trending topic revealed several users who shared the same frustrating and irritating annoyance that I have in Bushwick, Brooklyn: car alarms. Within minutes of arriving at home and kicking off the shoes, some scratched, beat-up compact car … Continue reading

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New York’s Feral Cats – Nothing to LOL About

Many people, myself included, aren’t likely to file cats under the heading of pest control dilemmas. To anyone–okay, to most people–who have lived with pet felines, the notion of lumping in the adorable, inspirational kitten who’s been so diligently hanging … Continue reading

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Neighbor Nookie

Perhaps the most pervasive pest in NYC is not the dreaded mouse or cockroach, but the human pest–particularly of the neighbor variety.  Even more annoying is two human neighbor pests having sex. In a February 2010 survey conducted by Brick … Continue reading

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